Happy Birthday To Me!

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Well, it happened again, another year in my beautiful life!

I have to start this post by sharing a huge sense of gratitude – I was fortunate enough to celebrate another year in my life! I understand that nothing is given but I also understand that if you don’t ask… I think you know the rest.

Yes, just a week ago, I celebrated my birthday. For many years I was planning my own birthday celebration due to lack of family around and certain uncertainties  (interesting expression) in my personal life. There were always some sort of expectations and of course disappointments if the expectations were not met.

This year, was no different – I was in planning mode since January 2nd and nothing was going to stand in my way. One evening when I was ready to press the “BUY” button to make my birthday wish come true, a voice told me to wait till tomorrow. And since I’ve learned to listen to the voices in my head, I stopped and waited till the next day.

Tomorrow came and my plans had to be put on hold. Another great opportunity came about. My reaction – I am not sure I’d like to go for it. If you heard what was offered to me, you would think that I hit my head and something went wrong with my decision-making process. But, I was true to myself and suggested that I need to think about the offer.

And so I did. It was not just: “Let me think about it.’ It was a full-blown list of pros and cons. Yes, I find it very helpful in my decision making since I recognize the fact that I am an Aries and most decision making for us go like this – LET’S DO IT! and then “Hmmm…” or “Ooops!”.

No surprise, it worked once again! Even though the cons’ list was a longer one – it was created by my ego. Yes, people, we all have it and Aries have a BIG one. Now, some might constitute ego as a good thing and it can be at times. However, in the spiritual world, you often hear that ego is a big block – for your potential, for your balance, for your freedom and ultimately for your happiness.

How you might ask? When we take a “my way, or the highway” approach (very Aries) to decision making, we are not allowing the Universe to deliver what is truly ours and will make us happy. One of the main reasons is that our ego blocks the inner voice. I think of my inner voice as a voice of the Universe and am working on developing a better relationship with it. Well, there are actually many voices in my world but to simplify matters we will focus on just one.

Back to the subject. It is very normal to have an ego and it builds over time. The older we get, the more is attached to the ego – expectations, inhibitions and fears. All are the blocks to our happiness. I love little kids, the main reason – their purity. They are not spoiled by society and express their feelings in the simplest way. They laugh when they’re happy and cry when they are sad. No worries about how their reactions are perceived by others.

So, in conclusion, I have decided to accept an offer and am very excited to see what comes out of it. I have no expectations, just a few hopeful wishes that are very simple. I already know that whatever happens, there are certain elements that will make this experience unforgettable and thus make me VERY HAPPY!

As I look forward to the beginning of my new personal year and the adventures it will bring, I also look forward to your shares about your experience with ego and inner voices. Please share and help me to understand what blocks your happiness and we can figure out how to resolve this matter together.

Look forward to hearing from you! In the meantime remember,

Your Happiness is in Your Hands!

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