Find Time To Slow Down!

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Hello my dear readers! Another couple of weeks went by and it’s time for a new topic. Today, I would like to share with you the value of time, specifically – your time. You  might ask, but what does this have to do with happiness? The answer is a LOT! So, let’s begin.

Recently I celebrated another year in my beautiful life. As I get wiser every year (yes, wiser, not older), I make it a MUST to reflect. Reflect on the year that’s just past, reflect on events that’s taken place, reflect on my accomplishments, reflect on my disappointments, and most importantly reflect on the way the year has been spent.

These days we are all busy, we are all connected to some sort of technology that keeps us even more busy. I also noticed that with technological advancements comes expectations of things to be fast, go fast and get done fast. We are dependent on the devices and when something does not work as fast as expected, we get frustrated.  Then we feel that we got thrown back, now there will be more to do later and it feels simply overwhelming. Sounds familiar?

Remember when you were a kid and could not wait to grow up? You will count days to your birthdays and as soon as the last one arrived you will always make sure that you are a quarter or a half-a-year older then just 7 or 10 when someone asks how old you were. The new generation of kids who were “born” into technology, seem to grow up even faster. They know how to operate electronic devices by the time they are 2 or 3. They are expected to know how to operate computers by the time they start kindergarten. And as they get older, they expect instant gratification. I feel really sad for these future generations. And sad is the opposite of happy and here is our happiness connection.

Things are going too fast and it seems that life is passing faster. We are no longer kids who want to grow up faster, I hear opposite requests now – wish life will slow down. It seems that all we do these days is rush, rush, rush!  And  I remember feeling guilty every time I took time to breathe and catch up on life. Sounds familiar?

Let’s get back to reflections, I find myself trying to make time to slow down. Doesn’t this sound funny? Really, think about this? It is rather funny! Here is my wish and approach in some cases.  I open my eyes first thing in the morning and thank the Universe for another day in this world instead of picking up my mobile to see what I missed while I slept.  I wake up and smile thinking about the day ahead and what amazing things it will bring instead of worrying about million things that I already have to do today as my first thought in the morning. I want to have a family meal at dinner time and catch up on what is going on instead of being concerned about that work issue that was not resolved today. I want to enjoy all of the flavours of the wonderful gift of food while sitting down for a meal instead of eating on the run.  I want to take my time, I want to slow down!

There are so many articles, books, seminars, workshops, etc, about mindfulness and consideration. I am glad to see them. But these are all common sense and if we just find time to slow down, we will enjoy life more and thus bring more happiness into our world.

So, let’s slow it down to enjoy the first time we open our eyes in the morning – take two extra minutes to say thank you to the Universe for letting you experience another day. Let’s slow down while having lunch to breathe and be grateful that we have food and able to eat it. Let’s slow down and have that dinner with family to catch up on everyone’s day, and don’t rush the kids with their stories.  Let’s not worry about tomorrow, we simply don’t know what it might bring, And let’s slow down every once and again to reflect, enjoy and breathe.

So, I would love to hear about your tips and tricks to do so. And while you finding time to slow it down, please remember,

Your Happiness is in Your Hands!

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