And So It Begins!

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Hello everyone and welcome to my new magical world of happiness!

I happen to be living in this world for the last few years and one day it occurred to me that it will be nice to share it with more people.  Although I was already doing that with my infectious personality and happy smile (yes, sometimes modesty escapes me), there was more to be done. The next step was to figure out what shape and form should this sharing process take?

As some of you know, I love writing and even started a blog in 2010 called Current Woman (welcome back to 2010, renovations are coming). Although it started fast, the reality of life slowed my writing and publishing down and I had to step away for a bit. So, when a new “happy” idea came about, there was no doubt in my mind about the form of this new project – a book. Yes, a self-help book for people who are looking to figure out what happiness means to them and how to enjoy more happy days in their lives.

My masterpiece has been completed in April of 2017. It was a very proud moment to give birth to a new baby, considering my oldest one was 22 at the time. Of course, this baby needed very different nurturing technic and thus the journey began.

A person like me, with a very active creative brain, usually sees the end result first. And yes, I think big, very big – possibly Oprah big. But let’s get back to the ground, shall we? There were decisions to be made – publish or self-publish; sequel or just next book on a different subject; courses, seminars, workshops, lectures, webinars? Well, I decided to go with a few of the above.

However, I took a slightly different approach to this project. I decided not to rush, met with few authors, attend some workshops and considered some professional help (not the type of help you might be thinking, although I welcome that from time to time). And here we are, almost a year later at the beginning of a beautiful and very exciting journey.

So, I would like to start this new chapter by thanking many people who helped me to get here: my Babushka Liuba, my Mom and my aunt Lena for inspiring me to be strong, resilient and happy no matter what goes on in my life; my son Daniel for teaching me how to be patient; my best friend Tammy for holding my hand during happy and dark days and making me part of her family; Catherine Worrick with Simply Dynamic for helping me launch this new adventure; Carol-Chantal Seguin for introducing me to a wonderful World of Women and Catherine Worrick; Michele Weatherfall with Broken Keys Publishing for introducing me to the world of publishing and being an author; the Universe for spiritual support and guidance; my little Fairies for helping me to have fun with all I do; and one very special person in my life who believes and supports me in every step I take and teaches me to be a better person every single day.

Where is the book you ask? It will be available soon and you will be able to purchase it here. I would also offer Workshops, One-on-One Consults, Online classes, Happy Couple Workshops, Seminars and some fun products. But, all in its time. For now, by signing up you can enjoy weekly posts and will receive the announcements about upcoming events which will arrive in your inbox.

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Have a fantastic day and remember,

Your Happiness is in your Hands!

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